Campaign Description

The Mow Electric! Campaign is a grassroots initiative to grow the electric lawn care movement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create more livable communities.

The Importance of Electric Lawn Care

The burning of billions of gallons of gas and diesel annually by the US lawn care industry is both irrational and unnecessary now that practical and cost-effective electric alternatives are readily available. Therefore, the expanded use of electric lawn care equipment is imperative to stop the harmful impacts of the industry.

Campaign Goals

Steven Wisbaum, the founder of the Mow Electric! Campaign, has been involved in environmental stewardship on both a professional and personal level for over four decades. In 2016, Steven recognized the potential to reduce the significant environmental impacts of the lawn care industry through the use of electric lawn care equipment, and at that time became the regional sales representative for a leading commercial electric lawn care manufacturer. The results of his marketing and advocacy activities included:

  • The creation of ground-breaking incentives for E-lawn care equipment based on reduced GHG emissions. These incentives are now offered by all of Vermont’s 17 electric utilities, which have saved Vermonters tens of thousands of dollars.
  • The establishment of a low interest loan program for E-mowers offered by the Vermont State Employees Credit Union (VSECU).
  • A substantial increase in the number of contractors offering E-lawn care services in the northeast.
  • The purchase of scores of electric lawn mowers including, those now used by Dartmouth College, UVM, the VT Department of Forestry Parks and Recreation, contractors, farms, and homeowners.
  • The implementation of an E-lawn care equipment Pilot Project at the University of Vermont.
  • The filming of an episode on the PBS “Green Motoring” program about Vermont’s use of E-lawn care equipment.

Since he’s no longer a regional sales representative, Steven decided to launch the Mow Electric! Campaign to utilize grassroots collective action to grow the electric lawn care movement to reduce fossil fuel use, greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution, and noise associated with conventional lawn care practices.

Steven Wisbaum, founder of the Mow Electric! Campaign promoting the electric lawn care movement

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Moderated reviews of battery-electric lawn care equipment from people with no financial ties to equipment manufacturers, vendors, or dealers.

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Neighbor-to-Neighbor Demos

Facilitating information sharing and equipment demos between people considering switching to battery-electric lawn care equipment and local Mow Electric! Ambassadors who use this equipment.

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Connect Customers

To encourage contractors to switch to battery-electric lawn care equipment, the Mow Electric! Campaign provides consumers the opportunity to register their interest for these services in their local community. Additionally, the Campaign maintains a directory of contractors who offer electric lawn care services.

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Incentive Utilization

All 17 of Vermont’s electric utilities now offer financial incentives for the purchase of electric lawn care equipment. The Mow Electric! Campaign lists these incentives and directs customers to their respective energy provider’s website to register for their incentive.

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