Become a Mow Electric! Partner

As a grassroots initiative, the Mow Electric! Campaign welcomes partnerships with organizations and businesses that want to help achieve our goals. You can become a Mow Electric! partner by tapping into your outreach network to help increase awareness among Vermonters of the availability and significant environmental and economic benefits of battery-electric lawn equipment.

The specific ways that your co-workers, supporters, and customers can help achieve these goals include:

Provide product reviews

Individuals who already use battery-electric lawn care equipment can provide a Product Review of the tool they use that will be posted on this website for others to use to inform their purchase decision.

Provide E-lawn care “testimonials”

Individuals who already use battery-electric lawn care equipment or hire an E-lawn care contractor can provide a Testimonial.

Become a local Mow Electric! “Ambassador”

Individuals who already use battery-electric lawn care equipment can Sign Up to become a Mow Electric! Ambassador to answer questions and give their neighbors a demonstration of this equipment.

Encourage contractors to switch to battery-electric equipment

Individuals, businesses, and institutions who hire lawn care contractors can help demonstrate the demand for electric lawn care services by registering their interest Here. This form can be submitted anonymously (ie. only the town and lawn size will be shared), or with contact information that will be provided to local contractors who serve that town and are considering beginning the transition to battery electric lawn care equipment.

Become a Mow Electric! Advocate

The Mow Electric! Campaign offers a variety of tools and resources to enable Vermonter’s to help advance the goals of the campaign in their local communities. These tools and resources include: