Become a Mow Electric! Ambassador

If you use E-lawn care equipment, you can volunteer to become a Mow Electric! ambassador to answer questions and demo this equipment to community members. These activities will help increase the use of E-lawn care equipment in Vermont, reduce fossil fuel use and associated greenhouse gas emissions, support your local equipment vendors, and help make your community more livable by reducing the significant noise and harmful air pollution associated with gas-powered lawn care equipment.

Equipment Discounts:

If you’re considering purchasing additional battery-electric lawn care equipment, participating local vendors will be offer discounts to ambassadors on the E-lawn care equipment they sell.

These vendors may also provide ambassadors with discount coupons to give to demo recipients to encourage them to buy E-lawn care equipment locally.

How the Neighbor-to-Neighbor Demo Network Works



Once you register to become an ambassador, we will give you the contact information of residents in your town who request an equipment demo. Your contact information will NOT be posted on the website. At any time, you can let us know if you’d like to opt-out of the program.



If you agree to have your contact information given to your local E-lawn equipment vendor (e.g. hardware store, equipment dealer, etc.), they can then direct customers to you who have questions and/or want a demo.


Discounts (for Ambassadors)

If you’re looking to upgrade or buy additional E-lawn care equipment, your local vendor may give you a discount on any E-lawn equipment they sell.


Discounts (for demo participants)

Your local vendor may also provide you with discount coupons for E-lawn care equipment to give to demo participants.


Schedule Demo

Once you make contact with the person requesting the demo, you can decide whether you want to do the demo at your home, the person’s home who’s requesting the demo, or at a neutral location (e.g. the town “Green”).


Tracking Impact

Providing demos and information to your neighbors is an important element of the Mow Electric! campaign. To help track the impact of this program, ambassadors are asked to keep a record of these demos.

Mow Electric! Ambassador Registration Form

for Battery-Electric Lawn Care Equipment

Thanks for your interest in becoming a Mow Electric! “ambassador” in your local community. After we receive your registration form, we will forward to you inquiries from nearby residents who have questions about battery-electric lawn care equipment and/or want to see this equipment in action. After you make contact via e-mail or phone, you can decide whether to do the equipment demo at your home, at their home, or at a neutral location (e.g. the town Green, the local school, etc.).

Note: Your contact information will NOT be posted on the Mow Electric! website or shared.

This will allow local vendors to direct customers to you who have questions and/or want an equipment demo.

In addition to volunteering to be an “ambassador”, if you also want to submit a testimonial for battery-electric lawn care equipment you can do so below.

In three or four sentences, please share your experience using electric lawn care equipment:

  1. Why did you start, and how long have you been using E-lawn care equipment?
  2. What brand(s) and types of equipment are you using (e.g. walk-behind mower, riding mower, string trimmer, chain saw, etc.)?
  3. What do you like about using these tools?
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Want a demo and/or have questions about battery-electric mowers or chore tools?

If you’re considering buying a battery-electric mower and/or chore tool but aren’t sure if they really work, the Neighbor-to-Neighbor Demo Network gives you the opportunity to get answers to your questions, and see this equipment in action.

Sign up here and a Mow Electric! Ambassador will contact you. And rest assured, your contact information will only be given to the nearest ambassador, and won’t be made public.

Participating vendors will also provide discount coupons to ambassadors to give to demo participants to purchase E-lawn care equipment.

Find a Local Ambassador