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First name: Gabe
Town: Charlotte
Date submitted: 5/5/21
Brand of product: STIHL
Class of product: Commercial/Professional
Type of product: Walk-Behind Mower
Model: RMA 510
Number of batteries included: 1
Number of seasons used: 1
Amount of time to recharge each battery: 15-20 mins
Do the batteries usually provide enough runtime to get the job done without needing to be recharged?: Yes
Please explain the circumstances when the runtime is NOT sufficient, and how you deal with that situation: I brought two batteries to every job, so in cases when a battery ran out, I could recharge while continuing to work with the second battery.
Does this mower have enough POWER to cut long and/or wet grass?: Yes
What do you like about this product?: This mower provides both the power and runtime to cut any length/thickness of grass without the noise of a conventional mower. It’s very sturdy without being too heavy to push.
Is there anything you dislike about this product?: No
Summary of experience with this product:  I used this mower throughout the 2020 season in areas that I couldn’t access with my bigger ZTR, as well as for some of my smaller lawns. I was very happy with the performance of the RMA 510, and I highly recommend it for both professionals and homeowners.