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First name: Lee
Town: Charlotte
Date submitted: 08/06/21
Brand of product: Ryobi
Class of product: Residential
Type of product: Riding Mower
Model: RMA 510
Number of batteries included: 1
Number of seasons used: 1
Amount of time to recharge each battery: 12 hrs
Approx. size of lawn: 2 acres plus paths
Approx. time it takes to mow lawn with this product: 1.5 hrs
Do the battery(s) usually provide enough RUNTIME to complete the job without needing to be recharged?: Yes
What do you like about this product?: We bought this machine and I have used it like a tractor to tame a rough 2 acres around our house and cut trails into a hayfield. I attach my garden cart and haul hay, mulch, and water all around our 10 acres. When we first bought it, I used to get a solid 2 hours of mowing in, but after years of abuse, at year 3 we are eeking out about 45 mins a mow.
Is there anything you dislike about this product?: Well, it kills my back because it doesn’t have any suspension. I see they have come out with a zero-turn and wider deck which is very appealing.
Do the batteries usually provide enough runtime to get the job done without needing to be recharged?: Yes
Does this mower have enough POWER to cut long and/or wet grass?: No
If NO, how you deal with that situation?: I’ve tried, it could when I first got it… the tall grass really eats up the battery, but I can do it just need to recharge.
Have you had any problems with this mower?: Needed to replace the mowing deck after 2 years of tree stumps, rocks and my own personal learning curve.
How long did it take to get the problem resolved?: A few weeks.
If the product was NOT under warranty, how much did it cost to fix it?: $600
How would you rate the customer service you received to get this problem resolved?: Excellent